Types of Pharma Distributors Used by Pharma Franchise Company in India

pcd pharma franchise in india

Working for a pharma franchise company in India as a pharma distributor implies huge responsibility for an individual. Take any top pharma franchise company in India and you will see just how dependent the company is on its marketing representatives and pharma distributors. The sales made by an individual distributor impact the overall sales figures of the medicine franchise company. Hence, each and every individual that works as a pharma distributor is an important link in the wide network of distributors.

Pharma Franchise Company in India

The term “pharma distributors” is commonly used in the pharma franchise business; however, what escapes the most of us is that there are two types of pharma franchise distributors. These are;

  • Single Party Distributors
  • Multi-Party Distributors

It is hard to state which one of these two is a better performer as they both have their pros and cons. While single party distributors make fewer sales, they get a better margin. Multi-party distributors, on the other hand, make more sales but get fewer margins on each sale.


Let us now discuss both types in detail.


  • Single Party Distributors

Single party distributors follow a single hierarchy structure where they are the main distributors and marketing associates for a pharma franchise company in India. Such distributors buy pharma products directly from the pharma manufacturer or the medicine franchise company and engage in promotion and sales themselves. They sell directly to the clients.

Area wise, single party distributors promote and distribute pharma products over a small area, thus, the scale of operation is small. These distributors make fewer sales as compared to multi party distributors; however, they earn a better profit margin than the other type.

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Such distributors work best for new and small-scale pharma franchise companies as they have limited operations, scope, and area. Alternatively, the best pharma franchise company in India can use single party distributors to target one specific area as these distributors would work well with a smaller area base in contrast to a wider area.

  • Multi-Party Distributors

Multi-party wholesalers follow an alternate arrangement to achieve sales, distribution, and promotion. They will buy pharmaceutical items from the top pharma franchise company in India or a pharma manufacturer and engage other 2nd level distributors to further distribute the pharma products.

Along these lines, they are the principal party merchant and the designated ones are the second party wholesaler. The second level distributor can be an individual pharma PCD distributor or a single party distributor. Some multi-party distributors take care of the distribution part of business whereas delegate the promotion part to expert marketing representatives in exchange for a commission.

Multi-party distributors work on a bigger scale than their single party counterparts. Such distributors work for the best pharma franchise company in India. They must have a valid drug distribution license to operate.


Greater benefits can only be achieved if a medicine franchise company incorporates both kinds of distributors in their supply chain. A combination of both will give added benefits to the pharma company.

How Do Pharma Distributors Choose the Top Pharma Franchise Company in India?

When you are hunting for the best pharma franchise company in India, you will run into an overwhelming number of pharma companies. Not every one of them can offer you the best deal, so you must be careful when making your choice. By settling on the correct decision, you will get amazing pharma products and equally amazing customer service.

Start the best pharma franchise in India by associating with the best pharma franchise company in India. We have listed some parameters that will help you make the right decision.

  1. Legal Certifications & Endorsements

Start the best pharma franchise in India with a duly certified pharma franchise company. A top pharma franchise company in India is certified by the WHO, ISO, GMP.

  1. Reviews & Feedback

A top pharma franchise company in India will almost always get good reviews and ratings from clients whereas the opposite would be true for an under performing company.

  1. Best Prices and Discounts

Check which pharma companies are offering the best deals in terms of discounts and net rates. It is imperative you check for the pharma company with the best arrangement as far as the offers they are putting forth.

  1. Company History

Choose a company with a good history and reputation. Experienced companies understand the requirements of their clients well.

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