Tips Used by Pharma PCD Franchise Companies to Boost Sales

PCD Pharma Company in India

Tips Used by Pharma PCD Franchise Companies – A pharma PCD franchise company in India can employ varying kinds of promotional and distribution channels to attain deep market penetration, a wider client base, and an improved product and brand image. Most PCD pharma franchise companies use the following two marketing strategies.

Pharma PCD Franchise Companies

  • Using Pharma Distributors

Many Indian pharma PCD companies use the medium of pharma distributors to spread awareness about their products and brands in unrepresented areas. By hiring pharma distributors for different areas, these Pharma PCD Franchise Companies create a wider distribution network that connects them to the entire country. The logistics or transportation companies that are responsible for the safe delivery of pharma products to its destination links the entire network.

  • Hiring Medical Representatives

It is a common practice among the top Pharma PCD Franchise Companies to hire medical representatives for effective promotion and distribution. These medical representatives give a personal touch and are effective mediums for convincing doctors, chemists, hospitals, etc to stock and support the company’s pharma products. Sometimes, medical representatives shoulder the marketing role and delegate the distribution part to pharma distributors in exchange for a profit commission.

Tips Used by Indian Pharma PCD Companies to Attract Pharma Distributors

The Pharma PCD Franchise Companies in India use the following strategies and tricks to attract pharma distributors for product promotion and distribution.

  • The PCD pharma franchise companies hire pharma distributors to represent the company’s products and brand in the latter’s area of interest. Pharma distributors mostly work in their own city where they are familiar with the target audience, their interests and demands, Hence, distributors find it easy to conduct business in a familiar environment.
  • Instead of offering monopoly-based PCD rights to distributors, some pharma PCD companies choose to hire multiple distributors in a single city to cover maximum area. This system allows the PCD pharma franchise company to negate losses incurred by one distributor by profits made by other distributors in the same city.


  • Some pharma PCD franchise companies serve as a single source of product supply and medicines as they support a vast range of pharma products. A diversified portfolio is a point of attraction for pharma distributors.


  • New pharma distributors like easy-to-use business models as that make it easy for them to establish themselves in the market without any problems.


  • A pharma PCD franchise company enters into the pharma franchise agreement with the distributors for one year. To retain the services of the distributors, the PCD pharma franchise company can increase the agreement duration beyond one year.


  • Many Pharma PCD Franchise Companies help out their distributors by giving them free promotional and marketing support. This support is provided in form of visual aids, product samples, product manuals, brochures, etc.


  • All pharma companies must have a business webpage or website that showcases their products and services. Modern-day distributors reach out to the Internet for information on companies. Additionally, companies invest money in digital marketing services such as SEO, SMM, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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